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Infertility Causes, Symptoms, Cure, Treatment, Medicine and Specialist Doctor

  • Author Rasyog Ayurveda
  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Infertility Causes, Symptoms, Cure, Treatment, Medicine and Specialist Doctor

Infertility Causes :

India as a society is slowly learning to outgrow the taboo of infertility by accepting that there's a remedy for it. Infertility isn't just gender specific, but it can affect both genders. Infertility causes vary in both males and females. And often a central cause like failure of hypothalamic-pituitary axis is responsible for the infertility. In females, infertility causes include pelvic infections, ovulation failures and damage to the fallopian tubes, uterus or cervix.

Infertility Symptoms :

Often females are clueless as to how infertility can be detected. Few of the unspecific infertility symptoms include abnormal bleeding or abdominal pain. Other infertility symptoms are pain while having intercourse or unusual discharge which is an indicator that there might be a cervical etiology. Nonetheless, tracking of menstrual cycles is considered to be a safe practice to highlight any reproductive abnormality.

Infertility Cure :

Infertility is when the patient is unable to conceive a child. When in males; it is often attributed to reduced testosterone, decreased sperm quality and quantity. While in females, the causes include PCOD, or pelvic infections or ovulation disorders. Nonetheless, infertility cure is possible at home only if it is due to non-infectious origin.
Few home remedies that are useful include:
1. Ashwagandha, a natural herb that is effective as infertility cure in both males and females. It acts by enhancing the immunity in addition to improving endocrinal functions.
2. Shatavari has been proven to regularize menstrual cycles and improving ovulation.

Infertility Treatment :

Infertility is often blamed upon the female in the family. However, as males could be equally responsible, it is necessary that infertility treatment begin with acknowledging equal accountability in trying to conceive. Infertility treatment offered at Rasyog is unique in its way of being patient centric and bringing in the best possible results by the use of genuine herbal formulations. Ras Shastra is richly endowed with wisdom on reproductive diseases. Many of our patients have successfully and happily started their families after completing the Rasyog infertility treatment plan.

Infertility Medicine :

The use of medications is pivotal in infertility since the etiology could be multifocal. The use of infertility medicine is equally weighed in for a successful pregnancy to occur.
Few of the herbal drugs used as infertility include:
1. Garbhaphal rasa vati to be taken by the female as 1 tablet twice daily after meals. This drug acts as a uterine tonic stimulating its contraction by adequate blood circulation and thus helps to reduce garbhashay dosha (uterine pathology).
2. Pushpadhanva rasa acts as a tonic for male reproductive system and should be taken by the male as 1 tablet twice daily after meals. It helps in eradicating pathology of the male reproductive system hence very useful.

Infertility Doctor :

Under the revered aegis of Dr. Amol Bamane, who himself is a MD in Ras Shastra, the team of infertility doctor are creating ripples of happiness by helping cure infertility. And with this innovative implementation of the knowledge of Ras Shastra and unique formulae, Rasyog as an infertility specialist doctor has carved a niche for itself in the recent years.

Infertility Specialist :

Rasyog has pioneered to bring technology at patient's benefit by using internet and telephone for consultations with the infertility specialist. With an added benefit of ease and comfort, a patient can discuss his/her issues freely with an infertility specialist. However, a clinic visit is mandated for extensive check-up.