Terms and Condition

Rasyog Ayurveda is glad to offer you this Ayurvedic consultation through the various channels available like phone consultation, online consultation services apart from the regular clinical consultations.


There are some services that require the information regarding your identity (who you are) so that we can satiate your needs at our best level. We may ask you to provide us with your personal information that recognizes your identity or information that can be used to identify you personally. Therefore you hereby permit the collection of your information by the software, without affecting the legal interest of the above.

Information collected by us includes the following:
  • Contact details (email id, phone number)
  • Demographic data (age, sex, Date of birth, pin code)
  • Data regarding your service usage, history of the appointments that you had made or history of appointments made with you through the use of the services.
  • Insurance data (insurance plan and insurance carrier)
  • Other information which you willingly choose to provide to us.

This information collected from you by the software may constitute personal information or sensitive personal data or information’ under the SPI rules.
Under the SPI rules Personal information is described as pieces of information relating with a natural person, directly or indirectly, in combination with other collective information that is available in another word which is likely to be available to a natural person, which is competent of classifying or identifying a person.

Besides sensitive Personal data or information is further defined as personal information of a person which is relating to the following:
  • Passwords
  • Financial
  • information ( bank accounts details, credit and debit card details or other payment source details)
  • Physical, mental and physiological health status.
  • Sexual orientation
  • Medical history and records
  • Biometric information
  • Information obtained by body corporate under legal contracts.
  • Visitor details provided at the time of registration
  • Call records

The software is free to utilize collect and disclose the information without your consent, which is freely available in the public domain.


1.    As per the terms and conditions, any user using or accessing the Services denotes the acceptance of the Terms of Use and also the acceptance of the terms of this Privacy Policy.
Thus any user if does not agree with any of the policies or terms of the same as a choice to cease the Services provided by software.
2.    There is an indicative list of information provided in the schedule annexed to this Privacy policy. Our software requires you to provide this listed information to enable your use of Services.
All the information, with personnel available information or any other kind of sensitive personal information or data provided by the user to the software, is volitional. You are aware that the software may apply certain information of yours, which has been labeled as Personal information or Sensitive and meaningful personal information or Data according to the SPI rules in the following areas:

  • For the purpose of offering you the Services
  • For the commercial use in an in a general way and in a non – personal form for business, research, and statistical analysis for knowledge purpose.
  • For the exchange of such non-personal aggregated form of data collected through research, statistical analysis by selling or transferring the data to the third parties and affiliates.
  • For a proper and doubtless communication purpose with a view of providing you a better and easier way of booking appointments
  • For obtaining the feedbacks about the practitioners regarding their practice.
  • Rectifying the issues related to customer support.

The software also holds the right to utilize the information given by or about the End-user for the following purposes -

  • To publish the information on the website
  • To contact the End users for launching new products and Services.
  • To contact the End users for taking the feedback regarding the new products and the Services.
  • To analyze the software usage patterns for making better improvement of the product design and utility.
  • To analyze pseudonymous practice and information for commercial purpose.

When you willingly provide your Personal Information to our software for any of the purpose mentioned above, you by default give your consent to such collection and use of the information by the software.  However, is registered or recorded in the Do Not Call registry (DNC registry) under PDPA without your clear and written consent, we shall not contact you on your registered phone numbers for any purpose including the one mentioned in the subsection 4.1(iii).
3.    Under the SPI rules, collection, use, and exposure of information and Data that can be considered as Personal Information or sensitive personal data or information require your consent. Thus you provide your consent to such collection, use, and disclosure by confirming your agreement to this Privacy Policy.
4.    The software does not regulate or approve the messages, content, Data or information that is usually found in the Services. Therefore software particularly denies any liability concerned with the Services. Any actions arising from your support in any services and your agreement that you abandon the claim against the software doing the same and if the waiver may be ineffective, you agree to release any claims against the software doing the same.
5.    You are auto reactive for keeping the honor of the information or Data you provide to us like your contact information submitted to us as a part of account registration. If there are any changes in your personal information you may correct them and rectify the inaccuracies, or make the changes in the information on our member information page or by contacting us over privacy@ -------- .com. we will try our level best to make the requested changes in our active database as soon as possible. If the information provided by you is not true or inaccurate, out of date or incomplete, we have a reasonable ground to suspect the information. If the information is found to be untrue or out of date or incomplete, we have the right to discontinue the provisions of the services to you. There may be conditions where the software may not delete, correct or update your data in the following  situations :

  • When the personal data is opinion data kept solely for the purpose of evaluation.
  • When the personal data is in the document form related to any prosecution if the all the proceedings related to the prosecution is not completed.

6.    When you wish to deactivate the account or request the same, contact us through support @--------- .com. In such case, your information and data will not be used anymore when we are rendering your service. We shall preserve your information for as long as the account is active with our services and whenever the service is needed. We do not retain the information for a longer time after the deactivation of the account. Retention of the information is only required for the purpose wherein the information is used lawfully, oris which is needed for supporting any other law for the time being in power. Your data will be anonymized and aggregated after a period of time.
Later it will be held by until it is required for us to provide certain Services effectively where in our use of the anonymized data will be solely for analytical purpose.  Kindly have a note that your withdrawal of the consent or deactivation of the account may result in the termination of the Services provided by us to you. Also, it may cease the existing relationship that we may have with you. 
7.    If you wish to withdraw the Service of getting the accessory communications like marketing and promotional information that is related to the Services, you may send us an e-mail at support@--------.com
8.    For the payable subscriptions, the subscription amount is required to 9.    For the payable subscriptions, every subscription amount is required to pay using a credit card, cheque or debit card, wire or bank transfer. Customer credit card number /or any financial institution details such as bank account numbers etc will be collected by us at the time of the transaction. This information will be used for both billing and payment processes methods including but not limited to the revelation and also the using of such credit card information with other financial data to third parties, as appropriate for the performance of this payment. Verification of such credit information is done by the User himself/herself during the process of authentication. User’s credit card /debit card details are secured under the highest possible degree of care on certain secured sites which are digitally under encryption. However, you are provided with an option of not saving your payment details. Since the internet technology is not completely secure, it is suggested for every user to be exercise care and wisdom when using them.
9.    When a new user or top user visits the website, Rasyog automatically receives the user URL of the page from the location where the user visited. Rasyog will also receive the Internet Protocol. The IP address of each computer user (or the proxy server used by the user to access the world wide web), the user's operating system and the type of web browsers used by the user to access Rasyog, as well as e-mail templates as well as the user’s ISP name. With the help of this information, Rasyog analyses the overall trends and tries to improve its services. Any information regarding the User’s IP address and their personally identifiable information is not shared or disclosed to any third parties. However, Rasyog may share and/or reveal some of the aggregated findings and not the specific data in an anonymized form, which means the information is not personally identifiable with the advertisers, sponsors, investors, strategic partners and others with a view to aiding the business growth.
10.    There are some temporary cookies that the website uses to preserve certain information (personal or non-sensitive information and Data) used by Rasyog with our research and development service providers, the website professional administration and also with the administration users. Rasyog can also allow certain third parties to find or identify a unique cookie on user browsers in order to serve ads or optimize services offered to their users. 
However, cookies do not share this to reveal any users personal information. These cookies can also be disabled from your Internet browser and you can still use the website, but the web page can be limited to some certain features.
11.    In order to avail all the features and benefits on our website, it is mandatory for the User to register and create an account on the website. Without creating an account Users may have limited access to the website hence it is recommended to register the website. Unregistered Users can also make an appointment with the doctor by simply providing their name and phone number. Creating an account on the website requires information which he/she recognizes as personal information allowing others and Rasyog to identify the User. The information is as follows:

  • Name
  • User ID
  • Email address
  • Country
  • ZIP/ postal code
  • Age
  • Phone number
  • Password ( chosen by the user)
  • Valid financial account details

The other optional information regarding the updates of promotional is offers from Rasyog. Rasyog may ask for certain optional information regarding the customization of the website with the help of User’s views to deliver some personalized information to the User.
12.    Rasyog is only responsible for the information given on its own website. The privacy rules are applied to the services that are controlled and managed by Rasyog. We do not keep a control over the sites that come up on the screen as a result of a web search or link from the services. These sites may present their own cookies on the user’s PC, collect or seek personal information about users for which Rasyog is not engaged in doing. Also, Rasyog is not concerned with any representations of the privacy policies of any user, third parties or terms when using the websites. Rasyog is also not responsible for the skill quality or integrity of user data or information, software, sounds and pictures videos etc provided by such websites or another kind of materials displayed on such websites. When you visit such third party website linked to the website you are completely responsible for the act and you do this entirely at your own risk. Rasyog encourages the user to go through the privacy policies of that third party linked website.
13.    The website permits the user to communicate with other users or upload any information that can be accessed by other users where the users can even use the information shared by other users on the website.
Such other users are not authorized representatives of the website including moderators or administrators and their views and statements do not necessarily represent Rasyog and they are not even authorized to bind Rasyog by any contract. Thus Rasyog disclaims any responsibility for the misuse of such information conveyed to the user in such a manner.
14.    Rasyog does not obtain and store any information about the users of the website from other sources ( public records, private organizations) except for the registration purpose ( the collection , use , storage and disclosure of which each end user must agree in order to help Rasyog to provide  the services in an effective way under the Terms of use. )
15.    Rasyog has kept a strict No spam policy wherein the website does not sell, rent or give your email address to a third party without your consent.
16.    Rasyog exercises some best international market practices and security policies, certain rules and measures regarding the protection of the personal data from the unauthorized access, improper or illegal use or disclosure of the data, any unauthorized modification, accidental loss or any suspicious activity occurring on the information which is under the control of Rasyog. But in cases of data loss or theft due to unauthorized access of the user’s devices through which the user accesses the services, Rasyog will not be held responsible for any such loss of data or any such none accepted activity occurred by the user.
17.    Rasyog exercises sensible security system and methods have a documented and comprehensive data security program that contains physical security control measures and managerial technical operational that is appropriate to the information collected and the nature of Rasyog's business.
18.    Rasyog strictly follows the Privacy policy regarding your right to privacy which has been stated in the Privacy Policy. As a result, Rasyog will only reveal your personal information only in cases where laws, governmental official, law enforcement agency, regulations, rules, legal authorities or similar requirements require it. Besides when Rasyog on its sole power, believes it to be necessary to protect its rights or the rights of others, to save a person or property from any harm, to fight any fraud, or to enforce or apply the terms of use.

PRACTITIONERS NOTE: Applies to all Practitioners

1.    It is required for all the Practitioners to register or create an account on Rasyog for getting various benefits from Rasyog. Thus for this process, if registration as well as the for the application and submission process, practitioners are supposed to submit certain information including Personal Information or Sensitive Personal Data or information to Rasyog.
2.    The practitioners who are willing to register the website and submit their information are required to go through and understand the privacy statements set out herein prior to submitting the details (Personal information or sensitive personal data) to Rasyog. If the practitioner fails to acknowledge the privacy statements, they are supposed to leave the Services and the website immediately.
3.    The information which the practitioner chooses to reveal to Rasyog helps the Practitioner to describe and identify themselves. This information is thus personally identifiable information by the practitioner. This information is solely under the security of Rasyog and you will be the owner of your information which you submit to Rasyog. Rasyog requires your consent for collecting, using, processing and or disclosing the information in an aggregated and non-personally identifiable form for the purposes stated as follows –

  • Commercial purposes
  • Research
  • Statistical analysis
  • Business intelligence purposes.

Rasyog may transfer or sell the information in an aggregated and none personally identifiable form to third parties and affiliates.
Besides the above-mentioned purposes Rasyog also reserves the right to use the information for the following purposes:

  • Publishing such information on the website.
  • Contacting the practitioners regarding the new offers of new products or services on the telephone number registered with the DNS registry.
  • Contacting the practitioner for taking the feedback regarding the new products.
  • To analyze the software usage patterns for improving product design and usage.
  • To analyze the anonymized practice information like financial and inventory information for commercial use.

4.    Rasyog automatically enlists the practitioner’s information on its website for each n every doctor or clinic added to it. This information of the practitioner is displayed on the website when the end users search for any particular doctor or clinic on the website so that the end user may even request to set an appointment with that particular doctor.  It is to be noted that any personally identifiable information about any practitioner is not provided by Rasyog instead that information is personally given by the practitioner to Rasyog to get enlisted in the list of practitioners or that personally identifiable information is either collected from the public domain. Rasyog does not take any charge regarding the accuracy or completeness of the information posted by the practitioners hence it is highly recommended to the practitioners to Hindley check the accuracy of the information that they share on the website from time to time and inform us immediately in case of any changes or updates to be made. However, Rasyog shall take the necessary steps to ensure the accuracy of this information.
5.    Rasyog may even make the information available on the website for the practitioners who have not signed up or registered for the services provided the practitioner has given their consent to Rasyog for collecting, processing and disclosing the information on the website.
Thus such practitioners are verified and confirmed by the Rasyog and its associates. Rasyog makes all required efforts to check the validity and correctness of the information for such practitioners. But Rasyog does not take any responsibility regarding the accuracy or correctness or incompleteness of the information displayed on the website.