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Anemia Treatment

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  • Released 15.02.2017
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Anemia Treatment

Anemia is a condition that is caused due to the lack of red blood cells and it usually causes the person to be weak and fragile. The most common type of anemia that is found in people is iron deficiency anemia and this condition can be easily rectified using home remedies and alternative therapies. If you have been diagnosed with Anemia, it is important to know and understand that treatment of anemia that you will be ordered to follow by the Ayurveda doctors are based on the type of Anemia that you suffer from.

Anemia is treated according to the causes, severity, and condition. When it is caused by excessive bleeding, blood transfusion is the common procedure to replace blood loss. If the poor nutrition is the main cause, dietary changes and supplements are the solutions to raise the levels of iron, folic acid, and vitamin B12 back to normal. Sometimes, you may have to take vitamin C so that your body can absorb iron better. Ayurveda is a popular alternative therapy which has a cure for many ailments including the chronic ones and also a treatment for anemia. Ayurveda highly recommends the consumption of fruits like banana, honey, oranges and beetroot juice. All these are great sources of iron and also speed up the absorption of iron into the body. However, most of the Ayurveda recipes are based on the vegetarian diet principles and rarely does this treatment method advocate intake of any non-vegetarian food items. As a part of Ayurveda home remedies, even tomato is a great source of vitamin C that helps in better iron absorption and one can have it raw or make it into a juice. Also, it is believed that breastfed infants and children are less likely to be anemic in their growing up years.

In modern medicine, methods like blood transfusion, iron supplements are commonly practiced for treatment of iron deficiency anemia. Anemia treatment lies in correcting the bone marrow pathology by stem cell transplantation. Conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, heart disease require respective treatments.

Treatment of anemia in Ayurveda isn't a new concept, and in fact, the use of natural remedies is also cost effective. In Rasyog, the primary source for anemia treatment is Ayurveda but the infused wisdom of Rasashastra makes it faster and more precise.