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Infertility Cure and Medicine

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  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Infertility Cure and Medicine

Infertility Cure :

Infertility is when the patient is unable to conceive a child. When in males; it is often attributed to reduced testosterone, decreased sperm quality and quantity. While in females, the causes include PCOD, or pelvic infections or ovulation disorders. Nonetheless, infertility cure is possible at home only if it is due to non-infectious origin.

Few home remedies that are useful include:
1. Ashwagandha, a natural herb that is effective as infertility cure in both males and females. It acts by enhancing the immunity in addition to improving endocrinal functions.
2. Shatavari has been proven to regularize menstrual cycles and improving ovulation.

Infertility Medicine :

The use of infertility medicine is pivotal in infertility since the etiology could be multifocal. Their effective use is needed for a successful pregnancy to occur. Ancient and traditional Chinese medicine have been working effectively in infertility treatment.

Few of the herbal drugs used include:
1. Garbhaphal rasa vati to be taken by the female as 1 tablet twice daily after meals. This infertility medicine acts as a uterine tonic stimulating its contraction by adequate blood circulation and thus helps to reduce garbhashay dosha (uterine pathology).
2. Pushpadhanva rasa acts as a tonic for male reproductive system and should be taken by the male as 1 tablet twice daily after meals. It helps in eradicating pathology of the male reproductive system hence very useful.