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Bronchitis Treatment

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  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Bronchitis Treatment

Bronchitis Treatment :

Bronchitis is one of those illnesses that you are always aware of. This is because it affects your breathing. Your bronchial tract is always producing awful phlegm. The reason phlegm is present is that the infection is present. So you have a constant feeling of being short of breath. You also always have the need to cough. Coughing spasms can be severe and many people end up with sore abdominal muscles from coughing. Living with an infection inside your body is going to wear you down. The problem with bronchitis is that often it comes back. In order to break this cycle, you have to find the best treatment for bronchitis that really works.

In Ayurveda, this is termed as Kasa roga (casa roga). According to Ayurveda concepts, germs cause this disease. However, accumulation of phlegm in the digestive tract after indigestion is the primary reason for bronchitis. You can chew two or three fresh tulsi leaves daily to keep yourself free from almost all of the diseases that affect you. Tulsi leaves also form a constituent of several Ayurvedic preparations aimed at treating bronchitis. The other herbs are used in the concoctions (Ayurvedic preparations). They give the best results when used in the right proportions in the combination. It is essential to consult the Rasyog Ayurveda before taking any drug to treat your bronchitis. Some drugs overreact in the body if not properly taken and this can develop resistant to the bacteria. Therefore, you need to take safety precautions once you decide to take drugs to treat your bronchitis. You must take your drugs as prescribed by the doctor, ensure that you complete your dosage and make sure to consult the Rasyog Ayurveda specialist if you notice any side effects

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) has been delineated to include chronic bronchitis and emphysema. With symptoms of bronchitis varying between sore throat in acute bronchitis and shortness of breath in chronic variants, their treatment also varies.

Ayurveda has been confined to the Indian subcontinent for a large part of history and is currently gaining an acceptance over the world owing to its simple treatment regimens. Regarding bronchitis symptoms, the core pathology lies in the bronchial tubes for which a chest x-ray is a sufficiently capable diagnostic tool. Rasyog has based its entire structure on Ayurvedic principles thus every patient coming in for bronchitis treatment can be assured of the best possible outcome. The advertising policy of Rasyog has brought to notice a pulmonary disease specialist. Rasyog and its team of doctors are well skilled with the provision of individualistic requirement for any therapy, be it for bronchitis treatment too.