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Kidney Stone Treatment

  • Author Rasyog Ayurveda
  • Released 15.02.2017
  • Category Health
  • Subject Kidney Stone Treatment

kidney stone Treatment :

Are you suffering from an excruciating pain in the stomach? Have you diagnosed it? Is it by any chance a kidney stone? Well, don't worry, there is some certain treatment on kidney stone with ancient Ayurveda medical technology; it is far safer and hassle-free. Kidney stones are very painful and can cause a lot of complications in your rental system. Renal stones are usually diagnosed by chance during routine medical examination as a number of renal stones can be very small to cause problems as long as they stay inside the kidneys. Once they pass through the ureters, you may experience pain so excruciating you would want to undergo treatment. Bigger stones cannot pass through the ureters and they stay inside the kidneys. These stones must be removed to prevent infection and damage to the kidneys.

If you have this condition there is no need to worry because there is help available in the alternative form of medicine to dissolve these stones. There are certain Ayurveda herbs which help the kidneys dissolve these stones and pass through urine hence providing relief from the unbearable pain this condition causes. These natural treatments have been used successfully traditionally and even today people are reaping the rich benefits of these Ayurveda natural forms of treatments for kidney stones. But it is good to ask the Ayurveda Rasyog doctor for better options when it comes to treatment, then make your choice. Seeking the doctors always is a good option depending on various factors relating to the size and location of the stones, but the sooner you seeks treatment, the quicker you can end the pain.

Modern medicine has an entirely different approach to the treatment of kidney stones. Ayurveda is flooded with remedies to treat kidney stones from their very root cause. On the basis of symptoms of kidney stones, medical advice for a patient varies. Also, a positive family history and history of hypertension is sufficient to advice the patient to undergo a series of investigations.

Suitable options for the treatment include shock waves or percutaneous nephrolithomy. And it is not surprising that with the help of the literature and years of clinical experience, Dr. Bamane has established a kidney stone treatment center. With the advent of improvised pharmacological drugs, Rasyog Ayurveda has paralleled its kidney stone treatment by innovating newer herbal formulations that have improved efficacy.