Privacy Policy

Rasyog Ayurveda is glad to offer you this Ayurvedic consultation through the various channels available like phone consultation, online consultation services apart from the regular clinical consultations.

Data privacy and security :

Information related to healthcare is highly confidential and more of a personal to every individual.
Respecting this confidentiality of the personal HealthCare information of our every consumer, we avail the latest and most advanced security system to ensure the safety, security and privacy of both our consumers and service providers who uses our software.
Our software aims to institute best system, ethics and come up with various initiatives regarding cyber security and privacy.
Owing to the principle of safety security and privacy, we have developed a software for clinics or hospitals which ensures a strong security to the clinical data of the patient and maintains its privacy limited to the doctor or some authorised person assigned by the doctor. No other person (not even the software) can access this information other than the doctor or the authorised person.

Salient features of our software :

1. HIPAA compliance - The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. All the confidential healthcare information is protected under this compliance.
2. Encryption - The data is encoded with 256bit encryption such that only the authorised sender and receiver can access it. And no third party can encode it.
3. Two Factor authentification - This feature ensures double verification of the identity of the person accessing the information, recognise and allow only the doctor to access the information.
4. Access zones - It denotes that there are certain access zones (physical locations) specified by the user other than which the access is strictly prohibited. Thus even if the authentification information is leaked access can only happen from the access zones (physical location) specified by the user.
5. Role based profiles - This feature facilitates to limit the access of the patient's information in different levels to the various subordinates working in the clinic. A doctor can access the whole case file of the patient while the staff access is restricted to clinic proceedings and not the patient information.
Such features promises the security and privacy of the information created in the clinic which is accessible only to the doctor and their authorised staff. Even the software itself cannot get an access to this data.

Some important queries :

• Who all can access my patient’s information other than me (doctor)?
The data which is created by you and your staff strictly encrypted and can be access by only you and your authorised staff. Other than you and your staff (authenticated user via his/her login details) nobody can access the data.

• Can your software access my patient’s information ?
No. Our software cannot access your patient information by any means. Only you and your authorised staff can get an access to the data via their login details.

• Which kind of data is protected by the software ?
Information related to the medical condition, medical history, medical reports, prescriptions and patient’s personal information is encoded and securely saved by the software.

• Will my patient’s information be used by the software for marketing ?
Our software cannot use any of the patient information at any point of time since it is strongly encrypted during transmission and storage. Hence only the doctor and the authorised staff can get the information.

• How to differentiate between a software consumer and my patient ?
Software consumer – when a person visits our site or download our app to book an appointment or to avail any other service of ours then that person becomes our software consumer. The consumer has to give us his contact information so that we can contact him if he or she gives us the permission to do so.
Patient in the clinic – A person who directly takes an appointment by calling the doctor or the clinic (even if the appointment is placed in the software) is considered as your patient.
Our software in this case cannot market or contact to this patient using their information since we do not have an access to their information.

• When can my patients get marketing messages from the software ?
This can happen when your patient personally visit the site of the software to book an appointment or use any of our services and gives his or her contact details and gives us the permission to contact him or her.
It is only in this case that our software can forward SMS or marketing messages to you patient.

• Can you avoid sending messages to my patients even if they visit your site or use your services ?
No we cannot. We cannot identify which consumer on our software is your patient since we cannot access the data of you patients.
We hope we have clarified your essential queries satisfactorily to ensure its security and privacy.
For more details please reach out to us.

At Rasyog Ayurved, patient's details are revered with complete secrecy. Personal details are not shared with anyone whatsoever be the case. The intention of collecting the personal information is only to inform the patient of latest news, products and related information. Also the provision of personal details is a consent by the patient that he/she wants to be contacted by Rasyog Ayurveda in the future.

What information is collected ?

Name including first and last name
Email address
Shipping Address
Age, Date of birth
Mobile phone number and contact details
Personal credit history is not required by the system

However, complete name along with the shipping address allow a smooth delivery of medicines and other products. Other requisite information as required during patient profile creation is also collected.

Is my information SAFE ?

With due diligence, every detail of the patient is regarded with equal professional secrecy. Hence, information related to the patient's clinical history, examination, diagnosis, treatment as with the personal details is NOT shared with anyone whatsoever.

Cookies and Browser Information :

Cookies help Rasyog Ayurveda recognize the patient's login when he/she next visits the site for any concern. It helps store vital details, cart selections to ease the experience for the patient. They are in no way harmful to the accessing party's system.

Disclaimer : All the content given on this site is not substitutive to professional advice and is solely for informational purpose. Kindly consult your physician or health care provider before implementing any of the above given remedies. Also the team of Rasyog Ayurveda; medical experts, doctors, editors, authors and other contributors shall not be held responsible for the damage caused by following any of the above content.