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Renal Failure Treatment

  • Author Rasyog Ayurveda
  • Released 15.02.2017
  • Category Health
  • Subject Renal Failure Treatment

Renal Failure Treatment :

In Ayurveda Renal failure is known as "Mutra-Kshaya". While the physiology of production of urine in Ayurveda is quite different from that of modern medicine, the ancient Ayurvedic texts recognized the importance of chronic kidney failure and gave it due consideration and importance. Ayurveda treatment on Renal Failure, taken regularly for prolonged periods, may help to reduce the frequency of dialysis and improve kidney function. However, the decision to reduce or stop dialysis should be taken by the attending Rasyog Ayurveda doctors, and not by the patient.

Renal failure if not addressed in time can pose a threat to the body as toxins get accumulated in the body. Renal failure treatment is not adequate in allopathic medicine, however in Ayurveda, the approach is multi-centric. Ayurveda encompasses correcting all three doshas and Rasyog has achieved that with their self-formulated herbal medicines. To achieve success in renal failure treatment, emphasis has to be laid on eliminating the aetiology and Rasyog's holistic care provides it. For which heamodialysis or peritoneal dialysis is necessary. Renal Failure is a serious disease, and all affected patients should be under the supervision and treatment of Renal Failure from experienced and qualified Ayurveda doctors.

Modern medicine has documented few methods which can serve to treat renal failure. One of which is kidney transplant. However, in patients of kidney failure where that is not feasible, use of peritoneal dialysis has been advised to remove the waste products. Secondly, treatment protocols followed worldwide need to be monitored by the use of kidney function tests. In conditions of high blood pressure or heart disease, primary focus has to be on lowering the load on the heart thus relieving the kidneys.