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About Rasyog

The foundation of any health care facility makes an important mark in its locality. Rasyog was first founded in the year 2007, under the abled leadership and marksmanship of Dr. Amol Bamane who is the founder of Rasyog and an eminent Ayurveda practitioner himself. The inception of Rasyog was based on the ideology that health care shouldn't be restricted by geography when technology has bridged the distance bringing comfort to all. It is with this in mind that an Ayurveda clinic, Rasyog was founded. The advantage of this facility isn't just its tech savvy convention to providing health care but also an exclusivity when it comes to their herbal formulations. Each medicine is uniquely prepared with contextual backing from the years of experience of the doctor and a literature of Ayurveda. If a patient is desperate to seek an advice from his doctor, finding him just a dial or click away is convenient to say the least. Rasyog has been warmly inculcated as a dependable health care facility in Karad location. With Dr. Bamane's qualifications with a MD in Ras Shastra, one is in safe hands when it comes to leading a healthy and long life by natural means.

Rasyog Ayurveda is glad to offer you this Ayurvedic consultation through the various channels available like phone consultation, online consultation services apart from the regular clinical consultations. Dr Amol Bamane an Ayurvedic doctor is the hands-on practitioner at Rasyog Ayurveda. He holds a master in "Rasashastra" who has pioneered the vision to create Rasyog Ayurveda for the benefit of mankind.