Dr Amol Bamane

Rasyog Ayurveda is glad to offer you this Ayurvedic consultation through the various channels available like phone consultation, online consultation services apart from the regular clinical consultations.

Dr. Amol Bamane's Profile

As an ode to all the great Maharishis of Bharat, Ayurveda has strived as a blooming health science and Dr. Amol Bamane is the torchbearer for the conceptualization of Rasyog. He is a prominent degree holder in Rasa Shastra with 12 years of expertise in treating various conditions in the most natural and non-invasive way possible. A common misconception spread is that every drug has a side effect. But with Dr. Bamanes knowledge of Rasa Shastra fluxed with the basics of Ayurveda, he has been able to prepare unique and potent herbal formulations for his patients that cause no side effects. Rasa Shastra is a branch of Ayurveda that deals with the patients previously treated by Dr. Amol Bamane are testimony to the exclusivity and efficacy of the skills that he has garnered over the years. His form of providing health care and treatment has been appreciated since 2007 and it continues to be welcomed in the present too.

Rasyog Ayurveda offers consultation through the various media like phone and online consults apart from clinical consults. Dr. Amol Bamane is an Ayurvedic doctor and the hands-on practitioner at Rasyog Ayurveda, since the year of its inception in 2007. He holds a MD in "Rasashastra" and is a famous Ayurvedacharya (Awarded by Council) who has pioneered the vision to create Rasyog Ayurveda as a technophile Ayurveda clinic. He laid the foundation stone for Rasyog Ayurveda at Mumbai, Maharashtra in 2007, when everyone was new to the concept of teleconsultations. Rasyog has been successful at diversifying their centers with their new branch at Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. Rasyog is driven by a vision to expand around India with their unique approach to provide Ayurvedic health care portals. The clinical prowess based on the ancient wisdom of the Ayurveda fused with latest technology makes Rasyog indispensable.