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Thyroid Causes, Symptoms, Cure, Treatment, Medicine and Specialist Doctor

  • Author Rasyog Ayurveda
  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Thyroid Causes, Symptoms, Cure, Treatment, Medicine and Specialist Doctor

Thyroid Causes :

Goiter is clinically defined as an enlarged thyroid gland. And one of the most important thyroid causes in the Indian subcontinent is nutritional deficiency, iodine primarily. Thyroid causes need not precisely need a nutritional stand point as any change in the basic physiology of the gland can cause a homogenous enlargement. Thyroid neoplasms, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism are few important ones.

Thyroid Symptoms :

Goiter is more of a metabolic derangement that is evident in the blood biochemistry. And this presentation on the paper of goiter isn't in sync with the thyroid symptoms at times. Few of the goiter symptoms that need attention if diagnosis is to be clinched. A noticeable thyroid symptom would be a swelling in the neck. While other complaints can be difficulty swallowing or breathing, hoarseness in voice, coughing.

Thyroid Cure :

Goiter is a condition that often presents in pregnancy and is more of a physiological state then. Although this goiter is reversible. Alterations in the diet can often help subside the goiter in pregnancy. While thyroid cure in others is possible by the use of home remedies namely,
1. Castor oil is effective for thyroid cure by its anti-inflammatory properties.
2. Lemon by virtue of its anti-inflammatory properties in addition to anti-microbial properties is helpful too.

Thyroid Treatment :

Thyroid treatment in Ayurveda is complete with the inclusion of dietary modifications along with herbal formulations. Allopathy has undertaken the use of radioactive iodine for treating the thyroid disease. This is followed with side effects such as exposure to radiation which can further impair thyroid function. However, use of blood tests to estimate the thyroid hormones becomes helpful to assess the success of the treatment.

Rasyog had begun its journey as a health clinic with keeping in principles of Ayurveda and Rasashastra. Thyroid treatment from Rasyog Ayurveda is unique by a way that the medicines that are prescribed to the patients are not non-specific or universal but are catered to the individual's own elemental composition of Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The normalizing of the thyroid hormone TSH is evidence of the treatment working on a positive note.

Thyroid Medicine :

Goiter requires medicines that work on a molecular level to help reduce the extent of the swelling and the discomfort that comes along with it. Few of the thyroid medicines that are commonly used for practice include:
1. Tab. Kanchnar Guggul: This is to be taken as one tablet after meals twice a day. The herbal formulation works as an anti-inflammatory and a Thyroid stimulant.
2. Tab. Aarogyavardhini: This is to be taken as one tablet after meals twice a day. This thyroid medicine works mainly as an anti-inflammatory.

Thyroid Doctor :

Understanding the disease physiopathology is pertinent for a quicker and accurate diagnosis. This can only be followed with a suitable treatment plan. A poised protocol for the same make a good thyroid doctor. With these very traits since its inceptive interactions, Rasyog Ayurveda has become a wishfully excellent thyroid doctor. As a fellow of Ayurveda practice, Dr. Bamane has ensured that the practice remains undiluted by the additions of unnecessary quacks.

Thyroid Specialist :

With the rapidly westernizing population in India, there is a drastic change in the lifestyles of the people. This shift has brought about genetic as well as environmental adaptations where goiter has become a manifestation. Hence the need for a thyroid specialist has surfaced and Rasyog Ayurveda with its collaborative use of technology and ancient literature in Ayurveda has proved suitable for that position. As a thyroid specialist doctor, Rasyog and its team have even been successful at reducing the prevalence of goiter to a certain extent.