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Renal Failure Causes, Symptoms, Cure, Treatment, Medicine and Specialist Doctor

  • Author Rasyog Ayurveda
  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Renal Failure Causes, Symptoms, Cure, Treatment, Medicine and Specialist Doctor

Renal Failure Causes :

Impaired blood supply to the kidneys is considered to be an important precursor for renal failure. Hence renal failure causes that fit into this line of description are dehydration, blood pressure drugs and fluid loss from the body, heart disease, burns or liver disease. Renal failure causes also include those due to obstruction in the kidneys like kidney stones, bladder cancer, urethral strictures and prostate cancer.

Renal Failure Symptoms :

Presentation of renal failure can sometimes be accompanied by no symptoms but when there are renal failure symptoms, they are not easy to miss. They include decreased urinary output, pedal edema (swelling in the legs due to improper fluid excretion by kidneys). Renal failure symptoms due to extra renal causes include unexplained difficulty in breathing, nausea, chest pain and even seizures.

Renal Failure Cure :

Renal failure or kidney failure is a condition that results when the kidneys are unable to remove waste products and toxins. The causes maybe varied but important underlying pathologies include diabetes and hypertension. Few home remedies can act as renal failure cure but treatment of the underlying cause is imperative for successful cure.
The home remedies include:
1. Reducing salt intake leads to reduced blood pressure which in turn can reduce the load over kidneys. This can act as a renal failure cure.
2. Limiting the intake of dairy products, and other protein rich food items.

Renal Failure Treatment :

Renal failure if not addressed in time can pose a threat to the body as toxins get accumulated in the body. Renal failure treatment is not adequate in allopathic medicine, however in Ayurveda, the approach is multi-centric. Renal failure treatment encompasses correcting all three doshas and Rasyog has achieved that with their self-formulated herbal medicines. To achieve success in renal failure treatment, emphasis has to be laid on eliminating the etiology and Rasyog's holistic care provides that.

Renal Failure Medicine :

Since renal failure needs immediate attention and to avoid complications like chronic kidney failure, use of renal failure medicine has been widely accepted in medical practice. Alleviating the symptoms of Kidney failure namely, renal pain and swelling around the kidneys is possible by use of renal failure medicines.
They are as follows:
1. For renal pain, syrup Kankasav 1 tsp twice a day after meals. It helps by inhibiting the pain receptors around the renal capsule from carrying the pain sensations to the brain thus relieving the patient.
2. For renal swelling, Tb Arogyavardhini 1 twice a day after meals has been effective. It works to reduce the swelling by improving the urinary flow out from the kidneys.

Renal Failure Doctor :

At Rasyog, the emphasis is ensuring that patient can lead a healthy life to the best possible duration. As a renal failure doctor, the vaidyas of Rasyog provide ample support in terms of rehabilitation. The uniquely prepared herbal formulations by the renal failure specialist doctor are beneficial for quicker recovery.

Renal Failure Specialist :

Ras Shastra has been endowed with wisdom from the ancient ages, where every complaint had a cure. And as the experts in that literature, Rasyog has employed a team of renal failure specialists who are suitably skilled for the same. The task of a renal failure specialist is further made simple if the patient can comply with simple lifestyle modifications as advised.