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Renal Failure Cure and Medicine

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  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Renal Failure Cure and Medicine

Renal Failure Cure :

Renal failure or kidney failure is a condition that results when the kidneys are unable to remove waste products and toxins. The causes maybe varied but important underlying pathologies include diabetes and hypertension. Few home remedies can act as renal failure cure but treatment of the underlying cause is imperative for successful cure.

The home remedies include :
1. Reducing salt intake leads to reduced blood pressure which in turn can reduce the load over kidneys. This can act as a renal failure cure.
2. Limiting the intake of dairy products, and other protein rich food items.

Peritoneal dialysis can act as a cure temporarily for patients of kidney disease and those who cannot have kidney transplant. Other treatment options are mainly focused on lowering the high blood pressure or relieving the pressure on the heart which led to heart disease.

Renal Failure Medicine :

Since renal failure needs immediate attention and to avoid complications like chronic kidney failure, use of renal failure medicine has been widely accepted in medical practice. Alleviating the symptoms of renal failure namely, renal pain and swelling around the kidneys is possible by use of medicines.

They are as follows :
1. for renal pain, syrup Kankasav 1 tsp twice a day after meals. It helps by inhibiting the pain receptors around the renal capsule from carrying the pain sensations to the brain thus relieving the patient.
2. For renal swelling, Chandraprabha vati 1 tb twice a day after meals has been effective. It works to reduce the swelling by improving the urinary flow out from the kidneys.

Assessment of the kidney function on a routine basis for the effectiveness of renal failure medicine is mandatory to have a good prognosis of the already deteriorating condition.