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Obesity Causes, Symptoms, Cure, Treatment, Medicine and Specialist Doctor

  • Author Rasyog Ayurveda
  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Obesity Causes, Symptoms, Cure, Treatment, Medicine and Specialist Doctor

Obesity Causes :

Obesity, meaning excessive accumulation of body fat which is detrimental to the health. Obesity has been earmarked as a major cause of other diseases by the medical fraternity today. Although obesity causes have been outlined to be based on multiple factors, it is essentially a disorder of eating more than what your body can metabolize. Obesity causes include genetics, lifestyle, medical conditions like Prader Willi syndrome, Cushing disease, Depression, Hypothyroidism.

Obesity Symptoms :

Obesity falls into a complex of disorders that need a simple adjustment of lifestyle primarily other than medical attention to the dire causes. Obesity symptoms include disproportionate deposition of fatty tissue, early puberty in both sexes and increased weight which is over the BMI of a normal person. Secondarily, obesity symptoms often manifest through complications like diabetes or atherosclerosis.

Obesity Cure :

Obesity has been condemned as a health malice in the recent years post industrialization. Its rampant progress that claws the world needs to be halted as it has consequences on the future generations too. Obesity cure is a possibility that meets the eye of the people who wish to bring the problem under control. Obesity cure is possible for most by including certain habits like exercise, altering to fat free diet, reducing stress levels. Fasting has long been acknowledged to reduce risk for obesity.

Obesity Treatment :

Rasyog Ayurveda has framed its establishment policy in such a way that patients enjoy holistic health. In such ways, obesity treatment is a topic that the team has managed to gain success in. Surgical measures for morbid obesity include bariatric surgery which includes an adjustable gastric bypass and the end result being weight loss.

Rasyog has been duly favored as an Ayurveda clinic that offers obesity treatment by its unique herbal formulations. The aim of the treatment is bringing the body mass index to a level accepted for the age-height of the patient. It also harbors on the user interface of its website to involve more patients and generate an awareness for the same. It is with such dedication that the clinic stands out.

Obesity Medicine :

Obesity is misinterpreted as a condition which can be treated with mere changes in lifestyle and diet. It is indubitably true that these modifications help but the use of obesity medicine is not in vain. Obesity is known to complicate many conditions and thus obesity medicine provide a gateway for preventing those complications. The medicine are:
1. Tab Lasunadhi vati: To be taken as one tablet twice a day after meals. This works by the property of garlic to equalize Vata and Kapha and also boost Pitta.
2. Tab Medoher guggul: To be taken as one tablet after meals twice a day. This medicine works by improving the fat metabolism and helps burn excess fat.

Obesity Doctor :

Rasyog Ayurveda has strained its might in becoming a health center that offers relief to patients from their ailments and this has been their core philosophy as obesity doctor. Dr. Bamane has led this clinic from its building framework to a position where people around Maharashtra acknowledge his skills. And with a 12-year experience in Rasashastra, he has made it obvious that Rasyog has an efficient team obesity specialist doctor.

Obesity Specialist :

A location such as Karad which has been known for its intimacy to nature and clean air harbors the branch of Rasyog Ayurveda. It is situated in a cocoon of nature and an unpolluted environment. As Obesity Specialist, Rasyog has enabled the use of specially curated medicines which are self-formulated by the doctors. Also, their emphasis as Obesity Specialist lies in giving the best possible treatment to their patients.