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Obesity Causes and Symptoms

  • Author Rasyog Ayurveda
  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Obesity Causes and Symptoms

Obesity Causes :

Obesity, meaning excessive accumulation of body fat which is detrimental to the health. In simpler terms, instead of the healthy weight gain, the body starts to store fat without it being broken down. Obesity has been earmarked as a major cause of other diseases by the medical fraternity today. Although obesity causes have been outlined to be based on multiple factors, it is essentially a disorder of eating more than what your body can metabolize.

Risk factors include :
1. Genetics
2. Lifestyle
3. Diseases like Cushing disease, depression, hypothyroidism

As outlined above, a lack of physical activity is prime when it comes to causes of obesity. Therefore, role of weight loss is undoubted. Obesity causes have been earmarked by the western society in the recent years due to high comorbidity associated with obesity.

Obesity Symptoms :

Obesity falls into a complex of disorders that need a simple adjustment of lifestyle mainly other than medical attention to the dire causes. Risk factors for the same include a poor diet habit and lack of physical activity. Obesity symptoms need not present with any alert sign as these can be blatantly missed by keen eyes too.

Few presentations are as follows :
1. Disproportionate fatty tissue deposition
2. Precocious puberty
3. Increased weight gain

Complications of obesity can be an increased blood pressure or diabetes. Effects of obesity symptoms are a flurry of other conditions, such as low self-confidence, social isolation and even a fear of being mocked.