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hair loss Cure and Medicine

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  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject hair loss Cure and Medicine

Hair Loss Cure :

Since the condition has plagued so many young adults, it is about time that certain remedies are experimented for hair loss cure. The condition of hair loss is often embarrassing to many people and addressing it at the earliest can prevent further complications.

Remedies for hair loss includes:

1. Amla Oil massage has amazing hair growth potential as it stimulates underlying tissues. Additionally, it halts further hair loss.
2. Aloe vera has chemical property that promote hair growth.

Hair loss is more common in females although male pattern baldness is concerning in males too. Hair loss cure in alopecia areata can be adequately treated with hair transplants or hair restoration thus getting new hair with minimal side effects.

Hair Loss Medicine :

Hair loss is as mundane a complaint as possibly can be fathomed. It may seem like a symptom in itself however the causes will need adequate hair care. For this very reason, hair loss medicine has been promoted for use by Ayurveda practitioners since a long time in the form of oils, herbs.

Few of those include:

1. Syp. Manjishtadi kadha: To be taken as 1tsp after meals twice a day. It helps by reducing hair loss by providing nourishment to the hair follicles.
2. Tab. Ashvangandha: 1 tablet after meals twice a day. Being an immunity booster, it works to reduce hair loss by improving the vitality of the cells.

Hair loss medicine has taken a big chunk of the Indian pharmaceutical market with over 10 brands endorsing themselves as effective for hair loss.