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hair loss Causes and Symptoms

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  • Released 15.02.2017
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Hair Loss Causes :

Hair loss is a major concern for the urban population in recent days. This complaint is based out of environmental changes and emotional inadaptability of people. Hair loss is physiologically normal if up to 100 strands of hair/day however, anything more than this is pathological. Hair growth is mediated by hair follicles and any condition affecting the hair growth cycle causes hair losses.

Causes for hair loss include:

1. Stress: This undoubtedly is a major hair loss causes since it has an ability to alter the entire body physiology along with its biochemistry.
2. Weight loss
3. Telogen effluvium
4. Alopecia areata
5. Fungal infections: Tinea capitis is an accepted cause.

Hair loss in males and females is often due to varied reasons. Female pattern hair loss is often due to birth control pills while androgenic alopecia is usually associated with thinning hair. The advent of better medicines have helped ward off hair loss causes such as fungal infections.

Hair Loss Symptoms :

The problem of hair loss has been medically inscribed by a word, alopecia. And the presentation of individuals facing hair loss is not specific but certain hair loss symptoms remain distinct.

These include:

1. Gradual thinning of scalp hair
2. Patchy bald spot like in pattern baldness
3. Scaling.

Though these hair loss symptoms are generalized, sometimes there may be no direct correlation with the condition.