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Uric Acid Cure and Medicine

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  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Uric Acid Cure and Medicine

Uric Acid Cure :

There are simple remedies that can be tested at home for uric acid cure. The focus of treating conditions dealing with a deranged value of uric acid is on bringing the levels of uric acid within normal limits. The downside of an increased uric acid is the accumulation in the joint spaces.

Simple remedies for cure include :
1. Coconut water which as by flushing out excess uric acid
2. Minimal intake of junk and oily foods.

The position where the renal system has reached a point of malfunction and where it cannot regulate the uric acid levels is when hyperuricemia occurs. Presence of kidney stones is a sign that there could be deposition of uric acid crystals within the papillae. Uric acid cure is possible if the large size crystals (responsible for the symptoms) are dissolved by flushing them out through natural pores by using simple remedies.

Uric Acid Medicine :

Uric Acid medicine that is routinely prescribed in Ayurveda practice is known by almost all the Ayurveda practitioners.

Few of the medicines are :
1. Brahat Yograj Guguul to be taken 1 tablet twice a day after meals. Since increased uric acid accumulates around the joints causing tender swelling and pain, this herbal medicine serves by increasing uric acid secretion.
2. Gandhak Rasayan works as an anti-inflammatory agent and reduces the swelling around the joint, thereby also reducing the pain and redness.

It is well established in modern medicine that the use of anti-metabolites as uric acid medicine helps in lowering uric acid. However these medicines entail a number of side effects. Simultaneously, use of steroid has been documented to be beneficial in reducing the inflammation that is non responsive to regular anti-inflammatory medicines.