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Uric Acid Causes and Symptoms

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  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Uric Acid Causes and Symptoms

Uric Acid Causes :

Malfunctioning of the kidneys is an established uric acid causes. This is so because the kidneys act as filters to excrete out uric acid physiologically. Often kidney stones are markers of deranged uric acid levels. Levels of uric acid which the body produces can be adequately mapped using a blood test.

Risk factors include :
1. Gout
2. Insufficient filtering by kidneys
3. Multiple myeloma
4. Lymphoma
5. Inborn errors like Lesch-Nyhan syndrome

Uric acid causes fall into the loop wherein the purine metabolism is ultimately affected causing complications.

Uric Acid Symptoms :

Patients with uric acid symptoms don’t come in with lab results showing a deranged uric acid level. It is usually the skillful eye of a doctor to diagnose the condition of hyperuricemia.

Common presentations include :
1. Early morning joint pain
2. Tenderness of the joints
3. Stiffness or certain immobility of the joint.

Risk factors for increased uric acid in the blood include heart disease and kidney disease. Impaired metabolic control of the nucleotide (purine) results in hyperuricemia. This is superimposed by presence of risk factors which predispose to early onset of disease. Uric acid symptoms are a marker that the joint has been compromised due to deposition of uric acid crystals.