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Rhinitis Cure and Medicine

  • Author Rasyog Ayurveda
  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Rhinitis Cure and Medicine

Rhinitis Cure :

Rhinitis is a condition that is usually allergic in nature and is fairly common in everybody. Rhinitis cure is necessary to get relief from the symptoms such as sneezing, nasal congestion, headache or watery eyes.

Few remedies can be successfully tested at home :
• Ginger has excellent antihistaminic properties and acts by strengthening the immune system too thereby is a good cure.
• Turmeric can be very effective. Since rhinitis is primarily due to hypersensitivity of the immune system, turmeric as an immuno-booster is very useful.

Since allergic rhinitis has been associated with animal dander, hay fever and dust mites as etiology, avoiding contact is a feasible alternative to rhinitis cure.

Rhinitis Medicine :

Rhinitis has been compared to asthma in its pathogenesis by virtue of the allergy asthma immunology. Allergy symptoms include stuffy nose and runny nose. Few manufactured drugs or aushadhisas are commonly used in practice by doctors. Modern medicine has linked blood pressure with chronic non allergic rhinitis like in the case of nasal polyps. The advocated use of nasal sprays has been supported as rhinitis medicine.

Ayurvedic prescriptions include :
• Shilajeet vati is to be taken twice a day along with water. It acts by improving the immunity of the human body. It can be used for various other conditions too as it is known a vitalizer in Ayurveda.
• Panchendriya verdhan oil to be used as nasal drip 2 drops twice a day. It has anti-inflammatory properties making it a very effective rhinitis medicine since it reduces the secretions in the nasal mucosa. It helps by opening up the sinuses and thus improving the oxygen intake by the cells.