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Rhinitis Causes and Symptoms

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  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Rhinitis Causes and Symptoms

Rhinitis Causes :

Causes can be grouped according to the type of rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis causes include an oversensitive immune system causing hypersensitivity reactions to substances that previously were not harmful to the patient’s body. Sometimes, non-allergic rhinitis or infectious rhinitis is complained in patients with a viral etiology most commonly.

Rhinitis types :
• Allergic rhinitis
• Non allergic rhinitis, which includes
• Atrophic rhinitis
• Infectious rhinitis

Causes include :
1. Infection
2. Allergies like hay fever, or allergens like dust mites, pollen
3. Medications (rhinitis medicamentosa)
4. Nasal polyps

At few instances, the use of nasal spray for treating rhinitis causes rhinitis due to an association called rhinitis medicamentosa. This use of nasal sprays is thus not recommended.

Rhinitis Symptoms :

Rhinitis presents with symptoms contributing to involvement of the respiratory tract and organs. Rhinitis is a condition that involves the nose and throat more commonly than the ear. Hence, the rhinitis symptoms are localized to the nose and naso-pharynx.

Complaints are as follows :
1. Nasal congestion
2. Anosmia
3. Nasal drip/runny nose
4. Wheeze
5. Red/itchy eyes

Ideally speaking, the rhinitis symptoms are short lived and wane off within a week if the cause is associated with any allergy.