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Premature ejaculation Cure and Medicine

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  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Premature ejaculation Cure and Medicine

Premature Ejaculation cure :

Premature ejaculation has become a frequent complaint among urban population owing to the increased duress of work and fast life. Premature ejaculation cure can be made possible by choosing the right alley to a doctor coupled with his/her abled treatment.

Home remedies take birth from the kitchen and are as follows :
1. a mixture of ginger and honey is most suitable. Ginger increases the blood flow to the penis while honey has been known as a natural aphrodisiac (potency booster).
2. Historically, shatavari (Asparagus) has been given importance as an aphrodisiac so it can be used effectively.

It has been reckoned that erectile dysfunction is a subset of impaired sexual health and that it needs sufficient medical attention. With a thorough history of the individual’s sexual activity, one can fairly arrive at the diagnosis of premature ejaculation. And the possibility of premature ejaculation cure only widens with an early diagnosis.

Premature Ejaculation Medicine :

In Modern Medicine, few drugs manufactured in pharmacological companies are commonly used to side-line the disorder, such as Sildenafil. And often these drugs come with side-effects. But in Ayurveda, premature ejaculation medicine is available from their natural sources with little to no side effects.

Commonly used include :
1. Chandroday vati: This drug is a serotonin reservoir increasing the time of ejaculation by improving the blood flow to the penile tissues. 1-2 tablets after meals is usually advised.
2. Shilajeet vati: This herbal remedy has been used for its properties of vitalizing agent and sustaining longer erection by providing sufficient nutrition to the penis.

The premature ejaculation medicine that has been making rounds within the local markets in recent years has been twisted and diluted by a number of quacks who claim their utmost potency. But it is only when they are prescribed by a certified specialist that their effect can be monitored.