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Premature ejaculation Causes and Symptoms

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  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Premature ejaculation Causes and Symptoms

Premature Ejaculation Causes :

Premature ejaculation is an ailment that connects psychology and pathology to human physiology. Premature ejaculation causes interconnect the erectile dysfunction to a poor sex life. Premature ejaculation is when the ejaculation occurs earlier than what is considered the cut off time of normal ejaculation.

Etiologies for premature ejaculation are :
1. Organic :
• Diabetes
• Multiple sclerosis
• Prostate disease

2. Psychological :
• Relationship stress
• Performance anxiety
• Under or over excitement
• Inexperience with sex

Premature Ejaculation causes come to the attention of a medical professional only when the patient present to the OPD with complaints of inadequacy in sexual acts. This prime complaint qualifies for suspicion of any ejaculatory problems.

Premature Ejaculation Symptoms :

Individuals suffering from premature ejaculation need not present as an emergency at any time. Rather, their clinical presentation includes a shy, timid disclosure of their inability to commensurate their relationship with their partners. These reasons are embedded in the premature ejaculation symptoms.

These symptoms are as follows :
1. Anxiety
2. Depression
3. Disturbed relations with partner

Often these presentations are not specific to the condition but mark the relation of mind over body. There are other premature Ejaculation Symptoms but those are more related to the underlying aetiology. They include being obese, sedentary lifestyle or difficulty passing urine.