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Piles Causes, Symptoms, Cure, Treatment, Medicine and Specialist Doctor

  • Author Rasyog Ayurveda
  • Released 15.02.2017
  • Category Health
  • Subject Piles Causes, Symptoms, Cure, Treatment, Medicine and Specialist Doctor

Piles Causes :

Piles are more or less due to a lifestyle that is followed and it is surprising that few tweaks in the daily habits can be so deleterious. Piles causes that fit into this category are obesity, poor nutrition, constipation and long periods of stalling in the loo, diarrhea and pregnancy. Although these piles causes can be corrected to reduce the incidence of piles, others include colon cancer, previous surgery.

Piles Symptoms :

The presentation of piles is very much understandable since it is related to the inflammation of the rectal vessels and nerves. Hence pile symptoms include bright red rectal bleeding, itching, painful bowel movements, swelling around the anal opening and white discharge from the anus. Piles symptoms can be relieved by simple remedies however ignoring these signs can cause immense pain and discomfort.

Piles Cure :

Piles or hemorrhoids are inflamed blood vessels in the walls of the rectum and anus. It presents with a lot of discomfort for the patient, including itchiness, pain and rectal bleeding. But when it comes to factors that can be controlled, piles cure is possible.
Few home remedies effective in piles cure are:
1. Ice is recommended in almost all cases as piles cure. It acts by constricting the blood vessels around the anus thus reducing the swelling and giving relief.
2. Avoiding certain food items also brings relief. Avoiding refined foods like jams, pastries and beverages accounts for piles should be avoided.

Piles Treatment :

Piles is a disorder in which there is disturbed Pitta dosha with an impaired digestive process leading to toxin accumulation in the digestive tracts. This follows with bleeding. Piles treatment, in Ayurveda view, is not just stopping the bleeding but correcting the Pitta and Kapha doshas. With Rasyog's unique formulations, there has been an excellent response in the patients who came in for piles treatment.

Piles Medicine :

Piles can present in two situations; bleeding and non bleeding. In the case of bleeding piles, it is necessary to control or stop the bleeding while in case of non-bleeding hemorrhoid, the emphasis must be on reducing the swelling and pain.
The herbal formulations used as piles medicine include:
1. Arshkuthar ras vati helps as piles medicine by reducing the inflammation and local swelling, improves digestive power and liver functioning. It is to be taken as one tablet twice a day after meals.
2. Syrup Abhayarishta has been shown to exhibit antioxidant properties. It helps by its laxative action relieving constipation and flatulence. To be taken as 1-2 spoonful twice a day after meals.

Piles Doctor :

The patients of piles are often ignorant and negligent about the swellings; mainly apprehensive about visiting a piles doctor for the same. To help eradicate the stigma associated with the condition, Rasyog has pioneered in bringing e-consultations to their patients' rescue. With subtle skills of extracting the history and pinpointing the diagnosis, piles doctor at Rasyog have done wonders.

Piles Specialist :

Ras Shastra is an ancient science and being clinically structured on the philosophy of Ras Shastra. Rasyog is unique in its treatment of piles as piles specialist. In addition to this, the genuine and exclusively available formula that each patient gets from their piles specialist doctor is sufficient to bring near total to total relief.