Hypothyroid Causes, Symptoms, Cure, Treatment, Medicine and Specialist Doctor :

thyroid treatment & cure in india

Hypothyroid Causes:

Since thyroid is often denoted to the condition of hypothyroid, thyroid causes contributory to hypothyroid shall be enlisted. Hypothyroid is a condition of ladies predominantly and thyroid causes for the same include autoimmune conditions, drugs used for treating hypothyroid, pregnancy, inheritance, thyroid surgery and medications. A diet deficient in iodine is also causative of hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroid Symptoms:

A slowing metabolism is the underlying pathophysiology of this disease. Hence thyroid symptoms for the same include fatigue, weight gain and intolerance to cold, constipation, puffy face, thinning hair and a decreased heart rate. Often when hypothyroid advances to a fatal level, then the thyroid symptoms are difficulty breathing, decreased body temperature, low blood pressure and even coma.

Hypothyroid Cure:

Hypothyroid can imply that the gland is hypoactive and is known as hypothyroid. Though the definition is vague, the gland dysfunction can be broadly characterized by a deranged metabolism. Hypothyroid is when the BMR has reduced. When it comes to hypothyroid cure, hypothyroid cases are more common thus focus shall be on home remedies for it.
Hypothyroid healing can be distinguished as followed:
1. Consumption of foods rich in vitamin A aid in the functioning of the hypothyroid gland. For eg. Green leafy vegetables, carrots, pumpkin.
2. Also coconut oil when taken with milk has been suggested to be effective for hypothyroid healing.

Hypothyroid Treatment:

As part of the hypothyroid healing, patients that consult the doctors of our center are often advised lifestyle changes like incorporating yoga as it brings hormonal balance. Being in the field of Ayurveda, the patients at Rasyog are given a holistic care to ensure that hypothyroid regimen is achieved in addition to becoming healthier. With such unique formulations that are exclusively available for the patients of Rasyog, there is a promising rise in the thyroid regimen success rates.

Hypothyroid Medicine:

Since dysfunction of the gland causes an imbalance in the basal metabolic rate, it is mandatory to make use of hypothyroid medicine.
The herbal medications that have been commonly prescribed in Ayurveda as hypothyroid medicine include:
1. Kanchnar guggul vati to be taken as 1 tablet twice a day after meals. Being anti-inflammatory in nature, it stimulates hypothyroid function.
2. Swarna malinivasant ras has best result on hypothyroid. It enhances immunity causing the body to correct hypothyroid dysfunction.

Hypothyroid Doctor:

The rising incidence of hypothyroid in females has made regular hypothyroid hormone check-ups necessary. This means a timely visit to the hypothyroid physician as early detection and prompt regimen is always advised for any disorder. At Rasyog, hypothyroid doctors are so trained that they advise patients of suitable lifestyle modifications in order to improve thyroid function.

Hypothyroid Specialist:

It is not uncommon for patients, who come to the OPD with complaints of hypothyroidism to be lethargic, have frequent mood swings, muscle cramps or hair loss. A consultation with a hypothyroid specialist becomes more essential as he/she can detect the signs and advise further management. Rasyog has ventured to become one such Ayurvedic hypothyroid specialist centre.