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Hyperthyroid Causes, Symptoms, Cure, Treatment, Medicine and Specialist Doctor

  • Author Rasyog Ayurveda
  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Hyperthyroid Causes, Symptoms, Cure, Treatment, Medicine and Specialist Doctor

Hyperthyroid Causes :

Hyperthyroid is a state where there is excessive production of thyroid hormones which usually is under the control of the hypothalamus. Though hyperthyroid causes vary over a large spectrum, Grave's disease is the most common cause of Hyperthyroid. Other Hyperthyroid causes include inflammation of the thyroid gland, multinodular goiter, and in rare case even secondary’s from ovarian or testicular cancer can cause Hyperthyroid.

Hyperthyroid Symptoms :

Hyperthyroid is a condition that deals with thyroid gland which is responsible for the basal metabolic rate of the body physiology. One of the main hyperthyroid symptoms are increased metabolism, a hyper metabolic state. This include an increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure. Other Hyperthyroid symptoms include nervousness, irritability, increased appetite, loss of concentration. If breathlessness or loss of sleep/consciousness is reported then immediate medical attention is warranted.

Hyperthyroid Cure :

Given the fact that Hyperthyroid is fairly common in women as compared to men, it can be correlated with the hormonal balance. Hyperthyroid cure is a possibility when the thyroid hormone production is brought under control. Few home remedies have been considered effective and they are as follows
1. Consumption of broccoli has been linked to a decreased thyroid hormone production thus helping with the hyperthyroid cure.
2. Amla has excellent healing properties on the thyroid gland by reducing hormone production.

Hyperthyroid Treatment :

In Ayurveda emphasis has been laid on the elimination of the root cause of the disease and hyperthyroid treatment would be successful only if it is based on curing the cause. Rasyog Ayurveda has managed to do so in a much shorter time than expected with its hyperthyroid treatment plans. Primary focus of the health clinic being on a holistic approach to Hyperthyroidism and its treatment, it also embraces the value of a regular follow-up.

Hyperthyroid Medicine :

Certain medicines in Ayurveda scriptures have been widely acclaimed for their effectiveness when it comes to hyperthyroid medicine. Although their mechanism of action is vaguely understood by pharmacological sciences, they are undoubtedly effective as hyperthyroid medicine by virtue of the results.
1. Tab. Mahavat vidhvansak vati: To be taken as one tablet after meals twice a day. This works by balancing the Vata element.
2. Tab. Kanchnar Guggul: One tablet after meals twice a day. This herbal medicine works as an anti-tumor and a thyroid stimulant.

Hyperthyroid Doctor :

Rasyog Ayurveda firmly establishes its dominion when it comes to disorders requiring understanding of the symptoms and adequately providing a solution in the form of a cure. As Hyperthyroid doctor, the clinic validates that the patients respond to the therapy given to them. Apart from this, their individualized formulations are very promising as each patient needs a different approach. So much so that the community has accepted Rasyog as its hyperthyroid specialist doctor over the past few years.

Hyperthyroid Specialist :

With an experience of over 10 years in the field of Ayurvedic practice, Dr. Amol Bamane, MD Rasashastra has thrusted this clinic to newer heights. With the incorporation of technological insets and formulating medicines depending on the patient's body composition, he along with his team have made Rasyog a Hyperthyroid specialist. In the coming years, it is without a question in mind that the people shall find a lifeline of a hyperthyroid specialist in Rasyog.