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High Cholesterol Causes, Symptoms, Cure, Treatment, Medicine and Specialist Doctor

  • Author Rasyog Ayurveda
  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject High Cholesterol Causes, Symptoms, Cure, Treatment, Medicine and Specialist Doctor

High Cholesterol Causes :

High cholesterol is not directly related to one factor but a multitude of factors govern if one gets high cholesterol in life. High cholesterol triggers like obesity, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle/lack of exercise, diabetes and smoking. Though high cholesterol causes are varied, it can also be inherited as in few patients.

High Cholesterol Symptoms :

High cholesterol symptoms are so obscure that often one only gets to know of it via a blood test. Few key signs to keep in mind while looking out for high cholesterol are angina (retrosternal chest pain), pain on walking or stroke. These are not specifically high cholesterol symptoms but they help narrow down the diagnosis.

High Cholesterol Cure :

One of the most common complaints that patients come in with is obesity mostly due to high cholesterol owing to the westernized diet habits. Cholesterol in right amount is ideal for the body's functioning but high cholesterol leads to hardening of the arteries which in turn can cause heart attacks or stroke.
High Cholesterol cure is very much possible at home by using simple remedies such as:
1. Consumption of amla- Amla is a very potent antihyperlipidemic natural fruit.
2. Coriander seeds- Dhaniya or coriander seeds are very effective in high cholesterol cure. They act by lowering the total cholesterol and the bad cholesterol (LDL).

High Cholesterol Treatment :

Rasyog has emerged as a center of high cholesterol regimen in the last few years but its results in this short span of time have been commendable. With the highly customizable high cholesterol treatment that is provided at Rasyog courtesy to the vastly experienced team of doctors, there is a rapid increase in the success rates.

High Cholesterol Medicine :

High Cholesterol, if not controlled in due time could be very dangerous to the life of the patient. Hence the use of high cholesterol drug is mandated by most physicians, be it Ayurveda or Allopathic.
The commonly prescribed high cholesterol medicine in Ayurveda include:
1. Mahalaxmi Vilas rasa 1 tablet twice a day after meals helps to reduce high cholesterol. It helps by acting to lower cholesterol by burning fat as an anti-obesity drug.
2. Aarogyvardhini vati to be taken as one tablet twice a day after meals. It is readily available in dosage of 250-1000 mg. This herbal preparation is very useful in high cholesterol.

High Cholesterol Doctor :

Rasyog has established itself as a center for holistic health care. With its experienced doctors who are qualified in handling all cases, they have come to be acknowledged for their skills. As a high cholesterol doctor, each physician is trained to form a connection with the patient, a bond where-in the patient can confide in the doctor without fear. This trait has made Rasyog really conducive as high cholesterol specialist doctor among many other specialties.

High Cholesterol Specialist :

As a high cholesterol specialist, Rasyog has introduced unique remedy regimens such that they cause minimal hepatic and renal overload unlike the newer pharmaceutical drugs. With such a genuine herbal medicine and an emphatic approach by the high cholesterol specialist, Rasyog has garnered a special name among the patients.