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Gout Causes and Symptoms

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  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Gout Causes and Symptoms

Gout Causes :

Causes of gout encompass all those triggers/diseases that cause the kidneys to work improperly. Rheumatoid arthritis is often equated with gout but site of affliction differs in both. Gout usually affects the big toe. Gout causes include any disease or trigger that leads to increased uric acid levels or a decreased uric acid excretion from the body.

Risk factors include :
1. Alcohol
2. Hypothyroidism
3. Psoriasis
4. Renal insufficiency like kidney stones

Rheumatology is a field that has bloomed in the recent years due to the rise in gout causes and the corollary of patients coming in with complaints of gout.

Gout Symptoms :

Gout is a disease that results due to an accumulation of a metabolite from purine synthesis. The reason for most gout symptoms is that there are crystals of uric acid that form in the joints (one joint at a time). High blood pressure forms a risk factor for gout attack.

Complaints include :
1. Severe and sudden joint pain in mornings or evenings.
2. Joint tenderness.
3. Stiffness of joint.

Gout symptoms in any patient are non-specific since the age of the patient plays a critical role in the diagnosis too.