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Cancer Causes and Symptoms

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  • Released 15.02.2017
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Cancer Causes :

Cancer is a multifactorial disorder for which a single cause cannot be outlined. However, few cancer causes spark mention. As of today, the American cancer society and India’s National Cancer Institute has conducted numerous cancer researches and clinical trials to understand the pathophysiology of cancer.

The cancer risk factors for cancer include:
1. Excessive alcohol intake
2. Tobacco consumption
3. Age extremes
4. Physical carcinogens like sunlight
5. Hormones
6. Diet
7. Radiation and many more

Cancer causes often encompass infectious microbes too. It has been shown that reduced exposure to these triggers can bring down the incidence rate of cancer to a large percent. It is estimated that cancer deaths account to the second highest mortality over the world. It can be stated that reducing exposure to the above risk factors can help prevent cancer to a certain extent.

Cancer Symptoms :

Cancer as previously noted is a multi-system disease and cannot be restricted to one system. Cancer cells are very rapidly dividing and hence cancer treatment is only possible when the division of these cells is halted.

Based on the type of cancer and organ affected, different cancer symptoms are noted.

For example:
1. Breast cancer: presents with discharge from nipple, lump in breast
2. Lung cancer: Hemoptysis, difficulty breathing
3. Colorectal cancer: Rectal bleeding, abdominal discomfort
4. Ovarian cancer: Abdominal mass, perimenstrual bleeding
5. Leukemia: often presents with no particular cancer symptoms but anemia and fatigue is common.