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Asthma Causes and Symptoms

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  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Asthma Causes and Symptoms

Asthma Causes :

Asthma though being a respiratory complaint is not only linked to the respiratory system. Asthma causes can be as varied as cardiac diseases to metabolic disturbances. Often the asthma triggers include allergens like dust mites which cause hay fever and thus lead to asthma attacks.

Causes of asthma are :
1. Environmental factors like cold air
2. Tobacco smoke
3. Family history
4. Exercise induced

Asthma causes are a cause of concern for any individual as they entail attacks of respiratory complications if not treated in due time and followed up with a proper medical advice.

Asthma Symptoms :

Asthma is a hypersensitivity response by the immune system to usually non allergenic substances. The asthma symptoms are often non-specific to asthma but complaints of difficulty breathing after exertion is noted.

People with asthma often presents with symptoms like :
1. Cough
2. Tightness in chest
3. Whistling sound while breathing
4. Difficulty sleeping due to breathlessness.

The main purpose for the asthma treatment is to reduce the bronchial constriction thus preventing an asthma attack. The onset of asthma symptoms is usually set as a mark for the degree of bronchoconstriction.