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Anxiety Cure and Medicine

  • Author Rasyog Ayurveda
  • Released 15.02.2017
  • Category Health
  • Subject Anxiety Cure and Medicine

Anxiety Cure :

Anxiety has often been ignored in many settings as society had not until recently accepted mental health as a concept. However, the need of the hour is using certain measures to ensure anxiety cure is achieved.

Home remedies for anxiety disorders include :
1. Meditation
2. Citrus fruits

Panic attacks or panic disorder is an anxiety issue and this has been credited to the stressful life in metropolitan cities. Anxiety cure isn’t a far-fetched reality rather it is much within our grasp if we decide to prioritize our tasks at hand and deal with them adequately.

Anxiety Medicine :

Anxiety has been acknowledged in Ayurveda since time of its inception, and hence there has been no surprise whatsoever in its understanding. Anxiety medicine that are commonly prescribed for generalized anxiety disorder include:

1. Syrup Sareswatarishta has been helpful in the management of anxiety by acting as anxiety medicine. It is to be taken as 1 spoon after meals twice a day.
2. Syrup Chandravleha is equally effective and acts by calming the person and reducing stress. It is to be taken 1 spoon after meals twice a day.

Anti-anxiety medicines have been associated with a number of side-effects and hence their use has been limited in contraindicated cases.