Anxiety Specialist Doctor :

anxiety specialist

Anxiety Specialist :

Ayurveda is an ancient science that has been undermined by the majority. However, the vastness of its literature continues to serve patients in relieving their complaints. As an anxiety specialist, Rasyog juggles the role of an Ayurveda health clinic and a counselling center. Drawing its inspiration from Dr. Bamane's untiring efforts to bettering health care, Rasyog finds a special place as an anxiety specialist.

Anxiety Doctor :

Anxiety as a mental health condition has carved a niche among the psychologists these days as there is a rising number of patients with the complaint. At Rasyog, the team of anxiety doctor is skilled in its management. With the unique herbal formulations that Rasyog has been providing to treat symptoms of anxiety, it is an accepted outcome that as anxiety doctor, Rasyog has prioritized patient care. Rasyog has chosen to inculcate technology in health care by instating telephonic or e-consultations for the patients. This makes counselling and discussion even easier.