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Premature Ejaculation medicine and specialist :

Premature Ejaculation cure :
Premature Ejaculation cure is a commonly sought after these days. Mostly the disorder is related to the psychology as much as it has to do with the physiology of men.
Here are some home remedies which are tried and tested to cure ailments like Premature Ejaculation:
- Drinking a cup of milk with spoonful of honey and a piece of ginger would provide necessary vigor to the person suffering from premature ejaculation
- Onion is known source of many Ayurvedic nutrients which improve vitality. Mixing one teaspoon of onion seeds in water is very helpful for the condition of premature ejaculation.
- Shatavari or asparagus is known to help vital organs regain energy. Taking Shatavari every day with milk is one of the best and simple remedy for premature ejaculation.
- Garlic is known for its Ayurvedic importance. Eating 2-3 pods of garlic is useful to restore the energy of sex organs.
Saffron, Banana, fennel and carrots have aphrodisiac properties and thus these should be constituted in the diet appropriately for premature ejaculation treatment.
Adequate Exercise, meditation, proper sleep can also give great results in premature ejaculation treatment. In the meanwhile, quitting the habit of smoking and consumption of tea/coffee can help in the same.

Premature Ejaculation medicine :
Premature Ejaculation cure consists of the following: -
1) Chandraprabha vati: -Traditionally this Ayurvedic medicine helps in keepingaway the anxiety which is common cause for premature ejaculation. This medicinecontains the essential serotonin which maintains the erection for longer time.
2) Shilajeet vati: - Shilajeet is the source of vital nutrients, regular consumption of Shilajeet would help restore energy to the sexual organs, thus giving natural cure to the disorder like premature ejaculation.
* Premature Ejaculation medicine involves the usage of antidepressants on a large scale.
* Usage of topical anesthetics is also one of the premature ejaculation medicines.
But the above mentioned premature ejaculation medicines are the best for faster results.
Although the use of premature ejaculation medicine ascertains relief. One must keep in mind that this is more often related to the mind than to the body. Thus, a stress free environment in addition to adequate exercise is mandatory.

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Premature Ejaculation doctor :
A sex therapist is the best for treating ailment as mental and as physiological as premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation doctor will generally understand your difficulties by one on one consultation. He will recommend you the tests if required after which he will suggest what needs to be done.
A one-on-one clinical consultation with a premature ejaculation doctor is advised as he can then examine all other systems which he/she suspects might be connected with the disorder. A thorough clinical and biochemical analysis is needed to rule out any other comorbidity.

Premature Ejaculation specialist :
Premature ejaculation is a disorder than a disease. It needs a proper treatment. A Premature Ejaculation Specialist will be the one who will nail down whether you need a therapy or a medicine.
Sharing your problems with premature ejaculation specialist frankly can help him understand the problem better. It is always better to consult a Premature Ejaculation Specialist who is an Ayurveda consultant.
Premature ejaculation can be the cause of many distraught families. And addressing it is vital if one seeks to lead a normal and healthy family life. Also note that there are many quacks that guarantee treatment for premature ejaculation using different and unreliable medicines. Thus, holistic checkup from an authentic premature ejaculation specialist is a must.
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