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What area unit the Ayurvedic treatments obtainable to cure peyronie's disease?

Peyronie's malady could be a downside within which the male sex organ might get abnormally bent and it's going to end in the erection being quite painful. It’s an animal tissue disorder that is likened to inflammatory disease. This condition causes hemorrhage and succeeding buildup of connective tissue. Plaque is made round the connective tissue on the higher or bottom aspect of the erectile organ.

What causes peyronie's disease?
The exact reason behind peyronie's malady remains not identified. However, doctors have detected a number of risk factors that may result in peyronie's disease:
1. The condition will develop as a result of trauma or successful to the erectile organ. This ends up in scar and build-up of plaque among the tissues inflicting a bend in one direction.
2. Doctors have found proof of the malady being hereditary. Case history could also be a cause likewise, however not a typical or quite common reason.
3. Older men area unit at the next risk of developing this malady.
4. The malady may be caused by reaction disorders likewise.

What area unit the symptoms of peyronie's disease?
1. Excessive pain throughout sexual issues or throughout erection.
2. you may have AN upward or downward bend or curve within the erectile organ beside AN abnormal sideways curve.
3. Your erectile organ might become shorter and narrower.
4. you'll be able to feel a lump on your erectile organ.

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What area unit the complications of peyronie's disease?
1. Inability or issue to possess sexual issues.
2. The patient might suffer from anxiety and depression as a result of the pain and look of the erectile organ.
3. He will have issue in obtaining AN erection.
4. The connection with the partner might become problematic.
5. This might result in physiological condition causes (learn a lot of regarding the facts of infertility treatment) likewise as a result of the shortcoming to possess intercourse.

What area unit the Ayurvedic treatments obtainable to cure peyronie's disease?
Ayurveda is understood to cure several troublesome health issues that the trendy medicines couldn't cure. Ayurveda offers a treatment that brings balance to the body while not the aspect effects. Whereas allopathic medicines, on the opposite hand, area unit accountable for semi-permanent aspect effects.
Ayurveda takes it slow to cure any malady however provides a permanent cure. And hence, Rasyog is understood to be a holistic procedure to heal oneself from his pathological state.

1. Curcumin - Curcumin is AN accelerator found among turmeric and is extremely handiest as a result of its inflammatory issues. Curcumin within the sort of turmeric is employed in Ayurveda for managing infection and pain and different disorders of the erectile organ as a result of its anti - inflammatory properties.
2. Gandhak Rasayan - This herb is extremely effective in relieving pain and may conjointly lower inflammation therefore inflicting some relief from painful bending.
3. Gotu kola - Gotu kola is an efficient drugs employed in reducing the animal tissue that develops beneath the skin of the erectile organ. The indefinite quantity of gotu kola depends on the age and health history of the patient.
4. Castor oil - aperient is extracted from castor. Aperient is applied on to the hardened tissues within the erectile organ.
5. Jatyadi oil mixed with nirgundi oil - This flavourer mixture is another effective approach of solidifying peyronie's malady.

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