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Oligospermia Causes and Symptoms

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  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Oligospermia Causes and Symptoms

Oligospermia Causes :

Oligospermia is coded to be a cause of male infertility and it is not baseless to say that the reproductive system in males is pretty sensitive to the outer environment. Oligospermia causes are a reason for concern to the family as it makes natural conception difficult.

Causes of oligospermia include :
1. Stress
2. Obstruction to the ducts leading to the release of sperms, decreased production of sperms
3. Side effects of pharmaceutical drugs
4. Sexually transmitted diseases
5. Smoking
6. Alcohol
7. Being overweight
8. Poor nutrition

If any of these oligospermia causes are present in any individual, a sperm analysis is advised to check the sperm count.

Oligospermia Symptoms :

Oligospermia symptoms are subjective to a debate as none of them are diagnostically helpful. The presentation of this condition is based more of the aetiology.

Symptoms of oligospermia may include :
1. Fever
2. Pain in scrotum
3. Inability to be aroused adequately
4. Painful urination
5. Discharge from penis

The oligospermia symptoms are further confirmed by a semen analysis to check for the sperm properties like number, motility and viability.