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Menopause Causes and Symptoms

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  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Menopause Causes and Symptoms

Menopause Causes :

Menopause is when women experience cessation of regular menstrual cycles. It can be understood that menopause causes could be both physiological and pathological. Physiological menopause is when the menstrual cycles of a woman stop at the age of 45-50 years.

Pathological causes are :
1. Smoking
2. Heavy drinking
3. Depression
4. Polycystic ovarian syndrome
5. Chemotherapy/Radiation
6. Autoimmune diseases.

The menopause could be induced or early depending upon the menopauses causes. It is more likely that a genetic link is present in both physiological and pathological. The most established treatment for the same is hormone replacement therapy.

Menopause Symptoms :

Menopause is wrongly understood by many women since the period of 12 months before actual menses stop is known as perimenopause. And it is this period that is often considered as menopause by many. Presence of menopause symptoms over a 3-4 month period is usually suggestive of menopause.

Symptoms of menopause include :
1. Irregular periods
2. Dryness of vagina
3. Mood swings
4. Decreased sleep
5. Slowing metabolism

The need for a thorough diagnostic checkup becomes crucial when the menopause symptoms are non-specific to point towards a diagnosis.