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Headache Cure and Medicine

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  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Headache Cure and Medicine

headache Cure :

In this age of medical science, many of the old remedies for headaches cure have been forgotten. But with the modern medicines come side effects and uncertainty associated with the chemical combinations. What these chemicals are really doing to our bodies is often unknown. Still, the treatments of generations past provide safe and effective headache cures and relief too many physical problems. Natural foods and supplements may still be the best choice to ensure good health.

Home Remedies for Headaches :

• Cloves and other spices. Scented herbs can ease tension headaches. Dried marjoram, rosemary, and mint also work well together for easing tension. Take 4 tablespoons of each and put them into a handkerchief or a cloth sachet bag. Whenever you feel a headache coming on, hold the bag or handkerchief up to your nose and inhale deeply until you feel it start to ease off.
• Peach juice. Peach juice can help to ease nausea that sometimes follows a really bad headache.
• Peppermint. Rub some peppermint oil on the temples to ease tension headaches. For those people with sore skin, don't try this. The peppermint oil tends to have a burning effect for those that do.
• Hot Water. Heat can often bring soothing relief to a bad headache. Soak a cloth in hot water. Squeeze it out and apply it to your head for about 30 minutes. You can warm it back up if needed.

Many symptoms can be treated with natural home remedies. For headaches, there are several practical and easy to use natural remedies for migraines and other related aches. These natural headache cure may surprise you as they are common items that you probably have in your house.

headache Medicine :

Headaches plague all of us, whether or not we like it or not. We all have suffered from a headache at one time or one more regardless of whether it was self-inflicted with a hangover or it was from strain or other existing medical condition that you might have faced. Discovering the ideal headache medicine to deal using the sort of a headache that you are having at the moment is imperative to ending your pain and suffering; as a result, let us explore our choices together.

• Saponins - similar to chemicals in body hormones, oestrogen, and cortisol - caution is required. Proanthocyanins - compounds which are antioxidant and help the heart and circulation Anthraquinones - these have irritant laxative action used to ease bowel movements.
• Glycosides - cyanogenic, in high doses are poisonous - but in small doses to treat cancer and lung problems.
• Polysaccharides - in roots, bark, and seeds soothe irritations and some help the immune system. Glucosilinates - found only in the brassicas - radish, cabbages etc.
• Alkaloids - give mixed reactions - with a strong effect in pain relief but care must be used to avoid negative reactions.

Over-the-counter headache medicines do not require prescriptions, but it truly is still recommended to read the instructions carefully and not to overdose as it can cause other serious damages to your stomach and body within the extended run. Often drink plenty of water with all medications and have something to eat before administering them.