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Bipolar Disorder Causes and Symptoms

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  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Bipolar Disorder Causes and Symptoms

Bipolar Disorder Causes :

Bipolar disorders form a major chunk of today’s mental health. Bipolar disorder causes are not to be confused with just a multiple personality trait.

In fact, the main causes for the disorder include a variance of:
1. Genetics: Family members with history of bipolar disorder predisposes the individual to it more than normal population.
2. Hormonal imbalance,
3. Stress
4. Other chemical disturbances

Medical psychology states the bipolar disorders need a combination of pharmacology and a skilled psychiatrist to eliminate the bipolar disorder causes.

Bipolar Disorder Symptoms :

People with bipolar disorder often complain of drastic mood swings, from a manic episode to depression. Patients with bipolar disorder symptoms do not readily come to the doctor as there is a paucity of insight in such patients.

Symptoms of Bipolar disorder include:
1. Impaired judgement
2. Feeling of know-it-all
3. Feelings of extreme sadness and hopelessness
4. Hallucinations can be also seen

As seen above, bipolar disorder presents with a dual polarity. Types of bipolar disorder are type I where there is extreme mania to severe depression. In type II, there variation is milder. In other types, there is a seasonal variation in the bipolar disorder symptoms.