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Amenorrhea Causes and Symptoms

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  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Amenorrhea Causes and Symptoms

Amenorrhea Causes :

Amenorrhea has been medically described as no menses for a certain time after a female has crossed her pubertal age range. Amenorrhea is often an indicator of infertility and not a disease in itself. Primary amenorrhea is defined as no menses even after achieving age of 16 years. Pregnancy is classified into the amenorrhea causes of secondary type. Pituitary gland is many a times responsible for the amenorrhea. Thyroid gland malfunction has been linked to amenorrhea in few studies.

Causes that warrant medical attention include :
1. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
2. Medications like antipsychotics and chemotherapy, birth control pills
3. Genetic conditions like uterine or ovarian anomalies
4. Pregnancy
5. Family history
6. Eating disorders causing weight loss and other body weight disturbances
7. Iatrogenic causes include dilatation and curettage

As listed above, amenorrhea causes are a sign that the female would not be able to conceive and give birth to a child by natural means. Although it doesn’t mean that artificial reproductive technology cannot be helpful for the same.

Amenorrhea Symptoms :

Amenorrhea, not being a disease but a symptom is in itself a marker of the problems faced by the patients. Often the reproductive organs are anomalous that is lining of the uterus could be inadequate for menstruation. Other amenorrhea symptoms could be absence of breasts or the absence of uterus.

Symptoms of amenorrhea include :
1. Absence of menstrual periods in totality
2. Absence of secondary sexual characters
3. Milky nipple discharge
4. Hair loss
5. Headache
6. Vision changes

Patients with amenorrhea present to the clinic with a confusing picture and often times, a proper history is needed to understand the pathophysiology of amenorrhea symptoms.