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Online Consultation

This is the most important facility which we have ideated for our patients to overcome the barriers of time and distances. So that everyone gets the medical help, if in emergency. Especially, today, when everyone has access to internet services we believe that medical help and treatment should also be accessible at the click of a button. Fill in the form available on our website which helps you understand better. We note all the aspects of your physical, mental health and record it for further use and come up with the best possible treatment for you.
One can also get the doctor on call by applying for one and you can have one of the best ones from our expert panel. Register now for further queries and treatment.

Full Consultation

Once done with the free registration, Rasyog Ayurveda has a systematic arrangement to create records for you and also to maintain the health records. We maintain the database with due scrutiny thus, we don't miss on your minute details. Registration with us means you will be allotted "An account" for the further use which can be accessible by user name and unique password. If you are new user you can access the portal by clicking on the "New User" option.

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Quick Consultation

The quick consultation facility of Rasyog Ayurveda allows you to skip the process of registration. This facilitates a quick word with the practitioner and then allows you to decide whether you wish to go further on the treatment.

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