Ayurvedic Solutions for Infertility Problem

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Package starts from 3000rs

Ayurvedic Solutions for Infertility Problem

Features and Benefits

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  • What is this package about?

    Infertility is often blamed upon the female in the family. However, as males could be equally responsible, it is necessary that infertility treatment begin with acknowledging equal accountability in trying to conceive. Infertility treatment offered at Rasyog is unique in its way of being patient centric and bringing in the best possible results by the use of genuine herbal formulations. Ras Shastra is richly endowed with wisdom on reproductive diseases. Many of our patients have successfully and happily started their families after completing the Rasyog infertility treatment plan.

    The package contains :
    - Ayurvedic medicines
    - Effective treatment plan for getting rid of the problem

    Benefits offered by the package :
    results within 30 days. the package on infertility is for a month and features the following:
    - Ayurvedic treatment of the problem
    - Diagnosis and consultation by experts
    - Provision of blood tests for coming up with the appropriate treatment plan
    - Suggestion of appropriate medicines to treat the problem
    - Rejuvenation of body and mind
    - Dietary recommendations

    Conditions addressed by the package :
    All types of infertility problem

    Plan of treatment offered by the infertility programme :
    1. Conducting enquiry into your symptoms and lifestyle
    2. Going into the root cause of your problem
    3. Testing of your blood, if required
    4. Recommending medicines suitable to your case

    Outcomes you can expect :
    - Significant relief from the ailment
    - Further improvement in your condition
    - Respite from the ailment
    - Long term relief