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Hypertension Causes and Symptoms

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  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Hypertension Causes and Symptoms

Hypertension Causes :

Hypertension or increased blood pressure over a long period is reason enough to visit a doctor and maintain a steady and regular follow up. Hypertension causes are many but the pathology lies in the vessel walls. Hypertension types: 1. Primary or essential hypertension 2. Secondary hypertension

Risk factors leading to hypertension are :
1. Kidney disease like nephritic syndrome
2. Atherosclerosis i.e. thickening of blood vessels
3. Smoking
4. Liver disease
5. Heart disease

Hypertension causes as delineated above are systemic and not because of one particular system.

Hypertension Symptoms :

Hypertension symptoms are less validated in comparison to consecutive blood pressure recordings to confirm hypertension as diagnosis.

Chief complaints are :
1. Headache
2. High blood pressure on more than 3 consecutive readings
3. Blurred vision
4. Sleep apnea

These symptoms are not specific per se since they are not conclusively diagnostic of the condition. Patients presenting to the OPD are usually unaware of their blood pressure records and only following assessment they come to know of it. Presence of hypertension symptoms doesn’t mandate drug therapy at every occasion, since few simple lifestyle changes can help.