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Constipation Cure and Medicine

  • Author Rasyog Ayurveda
  • Released 15.02.2017
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  • Subject Constipation Cure and Medicine

Constipation Cure :

Constipation is basically a condition that revolves around the functioning of the digestive system. Symptoms of constipation are in direct relation to the frequency of bowel movements. In fact, home remedies for the same are so prevalent in India that almost every house can give you an extra tip or so for constipation cure.

Notably the remedies that seem to relieve constipation are :
1. Lemon: Having lemon squeezed in warm water and consuming it empty stomach has proven to have properties of constipation cure.
2. Exercise: This unsaid remedy remains a white knight in all cases of disease. Moving around helps the body get into action.

Constipation Medicine :

Since constipation requires a quick fix otherwise complications arising due to the impacted bowel could result and thereby causing more discomfort and pain for the patient. Irritable bowel syndrome is an autoimmune condition that mandates medical advice. Frequently prescribed constipation medicine are laxatives and probiotics.

Medicines for the same include :
1. Gandharva Haritaki Churna: This is to be taken once a day as one tsp after dinner. The mechanism of action for this medication is that it helps relax the acid production by acting as anti-acid and secondly it acts as a laxative.
2. Tab. Rasnadi Guggul: To be taken as one tablet after meals twice a day. This antispasmodic medication works by promoting excretion of waste matter from the body.

The use of constipation medicine in any form of medical treatment entails a proper restriction of diet ensuring that more fiber rich foods are taken.