Arthritis Specialist Doctor :

arthritis specialist

Arthritis Specialist :

Rasyog's leading beacon, Dr.Bamane has ventured into a new concept of bringing together technology and healthcare. Hence, Rasyog not only serves to be an arthritis specialist by being wholesome in its patient centric treatment but also ensures that the patients are at advantage when it comes to chronic joint pain relief. As arthritis specialist, the team has been resilient at improving the records of patient cure success.

Arthritis Doctor :

The use of painkillers for the pain management of rheumatoid arthritis brings its own side effects. Having come to recognize this dilemma, the arthritis doctor at Rasyog has been imparted with adequate knowledge of unique formulations that are equally effective but with minimal to no side effects. This brings a sense of compliance in patients towards the arthritis doctor as they are more likely to stick to the treatment regime for the arthritis symptoms.